The School Of Personal Branding Is Africa’s Leading Online Community Designed To Launch New And Established Female Entrepreneurs Into Profiting From Their Purpose, Passions, and Potential. It’s Time To Flip Your Success Switch On And Start Earning From The
$355,000,000 A DAY Knowledge Industry!!
(If It Can Happen For Them, It Can Happen For You Too)!!

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The School of Personal Branding is the best thing happening on the internet space for female entrepreneurs in Africa who desire strongly to change the narrative about how they work, earn and live the rest of their lives. We will no longer be defined by a job, marriage, child birth, sex, university degree, etc.

This time, we have started our own revolution, and we hereby commit to making a mark in this world with our knowledge, gifts, talents, purpose, passion and experiences. We are out to be seen, heard and paid like never before. We are out to disrupt, dominate and lead in the online tech space!


  • How to build the brand called you
  • How to create irresistible content
  • Effective sponsored ads
  • Follower growth strategies and techniques
  • Social media branding
  • Brand positioning in the marketplace
  • Irresistible offer creation
  • Seven figure ebook creation
  • How to create online ecourses
  • Business structure and modelling
  • Legalizing your business

And these...

  • Creating websites that converts
  • Starting a coaching and consulting business
  • Starting a service based business
  • Organising and profiting from live workshops
  • Building your tribe and audience
  • Building, marketing & monetizing your personal brand
  • Building influence in the market place
  • Email marketing (getting your first 1000 subscribers)
  • Using video marketing to profit fast
  • Turning your passion to profit and big business
  • And much more...


Live Monthly Training With Emily - Stay on track to your full potential by learning Emily's bank of knowledge and energy LIVE every month.

Access To Our Facebook Support Group: PRICELESS +++

TOTAL VALUE: $5,000 / N1,800,000

$25 / N9,000 MONTHLY


I never knew I could build a business around my knowledge on fertility until I joined Emilys School of Personal Branding.

Belema Tariola

I was a complete novice when it came to starting an online business around ones expertise and passion. I learnt how to build my personal brand, then I launched my first free class and offered value to those who attended my class using the SOPB formula. I was shocked when I made over $1000 / N360,000 within a week from this alone.

I already have created my FVO (free value offer) and I can’t wait to announce it online to my tribe. I know they will jump at it once I do because I just realized they’ve been waiting for the next level all along. Thanks Emily for being a blessing.

I hosted my first live workshop and gave serious value out there. Everyone loved it and most refused to leave even after the workshop was over. I pitched my product to them at some point and I earned over N1,648,000 in 2 weeks from this knowledge of mine.


Hello SOPB family!!! I just held my first live workshop and I’m unto the next one. Why should I slow down now when the first one brought me N1,000,000 on the spot.

Bola Aina


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