Let’s Get You Positioned As An Authority Of Your Craft So You Get Noticed For Your Brilliance, Attract Premium Clients And Get Paid Consistently (10X Your Income) Using The Same Strategy, Execution Plan And Reckless Audacity I Used To Go From Overlooked To Overbooked in 2019!!

Emily Wale-Koya

What Daniella Says About Emily..

“Every generation in the history of the universe is blessed with an avalanche of exceptional minds.

In the last four decades, the iconic and monumental strides of a Nigerian child leave upon the tapestry of grandeur, a testimony of faith, courage and unsullied resilience.

She stands tall amongst her peers as one of the finest stars in the history of humanity. Her commitment, devotion, drive and breath-taking achievements in entrepreneurship dub her as the Socratic gemstone of this age.

In her is a thorough-bred business woman who knows herself and examines at the crack of each day, her burden for enlightenment in her commercial communities.

She is an infectious transformational speaker, thought revolutionist, new media consultant, business coach, brand expert and personal brand strategist”.

Daniella A.

Food Expert & Blogger.

New York.

What Felicia Says About Emily..

“Thanks to coaching with Emily, I can finally now sell my expertise of helping women get back in shape after childbirth. I don’t just sell my own products on weight loss, I also sell a premium and signature online course of my own”.

Felicia M.

Weight loss Coach

Abuja, Nigeria.

What Shade Says About Emily…

“ I now have a life and future I’m excited about. I hosted my first launch and generated $3000 from it in one day. Working with Emily changed my life completely”.

Vowe M.

Bee Expert & Honey Manufacturer.


Emily Wale-Koya is unapologetically one of the best speakers and personal brand coaches on earth.

 Her core area of expertise is in branding individuals and positioning them as the absolute authority for what they do, which in turn transforms them into attraction magnets for more customers, more sales, and more opportunities.

Emily is also Nigeria’s absolute authority and gang leader on the concept of Personal Branding and proud founder of Tech StartUp; School of Personal Branding; an online training that has helped over 10000 entrepreneurs monetize their brand through starting and growing their own profitable + meaningful businesses.

She currently mentors 65,000+ women online with her unconventional method of brand positioning, wealth creation, personal branding and digital product creation.

If you’re looking for ways to position your product/service/offer/message/gift/expertise as the STAR product in the marketplace or online, She’s your go-to girl.

If you’re in need of strategies to monetize your brand on social media, she’s a must-have coach.

If you’re looking for ways to reach more people with your message of impact, She’s your go-to girl.

If you’re looking ways to cut through the noise, saturation and competition so that you get noticed and reach the people you’re meant to reach, hook up with her..

Emily is the one the executives, professionals and business owners call on when they need to breathe new life into their brand, product, or professional work…

She has delivered speeches across Africa, and has been interviewed on various media platforms like; Channels television, TVC, Wazobia Max, Salvation TV, Guardian newspaper and a host of other media platforms.

She's happily married to Adewale Koya; her biggest support. Together they have Olamide, Oladimeji and Olajumoke Wale-Koya.

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