FREE 90-Day Launch Workshop

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 | 9PM WAT.

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You missed out!


How To Launch A High-Ticket Course & Group Coaching Program In 90 Days

...without breaking your back on social media 😫. Learn how to launch your offer 1X, scale to 6-figures and never launch again (except you choose to)

Limited Spots Available. Ensure you claim yours.

In this live workshop I will be sharing how I built a six figure business and monetizing my knowledge online. What I am about to share with you took me 5 loooooong years to learn but it has positioned me to make multiple $10k months and also is putting me on the path to my first MILLION DOLLAR YEAR.

Why am I so Sure?

Well, let’s just say I know a whole lot better now – after 5 years of testing.

Honestly, I tried and tested everything I possibly could in the space of 5-years and yes yes, I failed at many, but eventually won at ONE – I did a 5-figure (USD) launch.

When I dialed in my first 5-figure (USD) month, I tell you the truth, I wasn’t in total shock because it was all I had ever tried to do until I did it.

AND since hitting that income goal, I raised the bar to having a six figure (USD) launch…

…Now, I want you to experience this too - adding 5-figures (USD) to your bank account too at the speed of light.


  • How to build a successful business and launch your digital product, brand and services within 90 days or less. 
  • How 5% of coaches and entrepreneurs generate consistent income on auto-pilot.
  • The 3 major lies and myths that have stopped you from building a 6-figure business online.
  • How to build successful coaching business/online course business in 30 days or less.
  • My NUMBER ONE branding hack to jump-starting your brand and turning Pro in less than 30 days.
  • The ultimate marketing system needed to hit your first six figure without killing yourself on social media.


I will be revealing the 7-Step Framework that has helped me generate six figures just by teaching and sharing what I do and know online.

This is the same framework that has helped me become a Trusted coach, build a Bankable brand, Speak on stages across the world, Charge premium (USD) to work one-on-one with clients and much more.

What I have packaged into this 1-Day workshop are not random tips and hacks that you can find on Google or YouTube. I will be showing you a system that I developed myself and one that I have used to earn six figures (USD) online.

So why am I giving out my Framework to you for FREE...

What’s the catch?

The catch is this:

  • I want you to succeed this year,
  • I want you to launch your very own brand so that you never go a day without having money and clients,
  • Lastly, I want more women to have their own money and never be financially incapacitated ever again – whether they are full-time housewives, have babies under 2-years of age or are just unable to get a job.

Stop sitting on the fence; it is time to start betting on yourself!


Coach Emily is the foremost Personal Branding Coach in Nigeria. She is an author, speaker, consultant and coach, She has helped coaches, businesses and consultants to build 6-7 figure businesses online.

As a Personal Branding Coach she has trained over 12000 students and has helped them build a business that enables them to make money from the comfort of their home.

Despite being a mother of four, Coach Emily started her online business in 2016 and has been able to generate a revenue of over $2 million in sales for my clients over the last 5 years. She has also taught in various conferences and seminars, thought-leaders from various sectors have gleaned from her wisdom over the years. She has also been featured on various TV shows, international blogs and various channels.

She is the founder of School of Personal Branding, the best Personal Branding School in the whole world.

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