To Launch A Juicy Personal Brand In 90 Days And Convert Your Knowledge, Wisdom & Skills Into A 6-Figure (USD) Online Coaching Business – Even If You’re Starting From Scratch.

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Here's What We'll Cover

  • How to build a successful business and launch your digital product, brand and services within 90 days or less.
  • How the top 5% of coaches and entrepreneurs generate consistent income on auto-pilot.
  • The 3 major lies and myths that have stopped you from building a 6-figure business online.
  • How to build successful coaching business/online course business fast and set yourself up for passive income.
  • The ultimate marketing sales system needed to hit six figures in 1 year without breaking your back on social media.

Hi there, I'm Emily

(Well, who else would I rather be?)

If you did like to know a bit about my credentials:

I'm dubbed the foremost Personal Branding Coach in Nigeria and I think I know why, but that's for another day *winks at

As a certified Personal Branding Strategist and business coach, I've taught hundreds of thousands of people all over the world about how to package their genius into a brand that gets them seen, heard, understood and paid fast. From over 1,000+ pieces of video content on Instagram, to my Guardian interview, to my weekly emails, to speaking with Les Brown on stage.

Now, before that sentence you just read above, I hustled, grinded and stressed myself as a Coach to get clients online, keep them rolling in and build a profitable + peaceful business.

Every week and month, I was in 'create mode' - if I wasn't creating a new low-ticket course, I was creating a new masterclass, a new social media post, new launch, new webinar, new funnel, or working with clients round the clock.

From me to you, it was exhausting and I was sick of my business. I actually fell ill right in the middle of one of my live launches

I knew there was a better way to grow my coaching/course business, so I went in search for it and I cracked the code. In a matter of months, my business was making $10k months consistently and we had our first 6-figure year! But it took us 5 YEARS to get here.

Fast forward to today, I founded the School of Personal Branding where we specialise in helping Coaches, Course Creators and Entrepreneurs launch and scale their Personal Brands to 6-figures with one 'high ticket' program and evergreen sales systems!

We have so many success stories on this, which I'm certain you have or will come across soon.

With that, I'm looking forward to having so much fun with you on this training and hope you are too.

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