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Help You START + GROW A Profitable Business Around Your Expertise, Experience & Gifts!

In Light Of Today’s Uncertain Times – There Has Never Been A Better Time In Humankind History And For African/Black Entrepreneurs To Be A Part Of The Digital Knowledge Revolution!

Are you an Entrepreneur, Professional, Skincare Expert, Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Creator, or someone in the service-based industry looking to launch a business online?

Or maybe you are a business owner looking to transition your business to the digital market using digital / educational products to grow or pivot your business.

Whatever the case, this is the second best time to join the Knowledge Movement of Entrepreneurs sharing their knowledge with others and profiting BIG from doing so.

Jobs are no longer guaranteed and thousands of traditional businesses have gone under to never see the light of day ever again.

But here’s one thing we are sure of in the School of Personal Branding, as turbulent as the times are, there is a big opportunity for anyone smart and daring enough to cash in on their knowledge, expertise, skills, gifts and experiences.

The Self-Education / Knowledge Industry Is A $355 Million Dollar A DAY Industry That Will Soon Become A Billion Dollar Per Day Industry.

There is absolutely just no way you should continue to sit down and watch others live their dream, while you applaud them all over social media and do nothing in return yourself.

It’s your turn to brand your brilliance. It’s your season to build a wildly profitable business teaching what you know and I am here to make certain of this.

Does any or all of this sound like you?

Truth be told; I was once in your shoes: thinking of how to screw the rat race and birth my own greatness. I wanted to be known, I wanted to be heard. I wanted to be celebrated and I wanted to make lots of money.

I wanted to use my voice to make a huge difference in this world. But, the more I kept thinking and trying to do these, the more time I kept wasting and the more confused I felt.


…One day I 2015, I jokingly went ahead to host my very first live workshop and shockingly, I had 48 people in the room.

Prior to this, I was a NOBODY; I had no training, followers, social media presence, website, or even a product to sell! More importantly, I was broke; and so was my husband – (funny, but not funny).


I needed to save my marriage (the absence of money was taking its toll on our relationship and my husband and I had become fighters and quarrelers).

I needed to do this for my kids.

I went ahead to launch my coaching career and within 6 months, I started enrolling clients.

But it was such a slow start and I struggled for 2 years to really get clients to pay me real money. Oh, how I struggled. I mean, I was helping people, but I wasn’t growing financially.

In 2016, I launched my first digital product and within 2 weeks, I locked in over a million naira / $3500 … Like they say; the rest is HER-STORY.

“What you currently know is good enough to get started on growing your income, influence and impact – so you need to get started now.”

welcome to the


The Online Community for creatives and business owners who want To Build A Wildly Successful Business That Makes You A Lot Of Money Doing The Work You Love.

Imagine Waking Up Everyday To A Life Of Fulfillment

Getting branded, becoming unstoppable and building a successful online business is the start to attracting high paying customers. . . And the only way to ensure this happens is to brand yourself, so you stand out amongst your competition and get paid what you charge.


School of Personal Branding Program is not another online course – it is a deep immersive one-stop hub where everyone is “learning, doing and building” the business of their dream.


You will build your own brand and you will build it faster than anyone else would.


You will learn the skills needed to build your own online business and make big money from it.

Joining the School of Personal Branding Members Club will be the best decision you make right now.


In SOPB, you will get access to over 30 carefully curated masterclasses available on demand… each one of them to prepare you for the next one.

Also, every month, we add a brand new masterclass, alongside the latest business and marketing tools + strategies.


Become part of the Members Club today and you can enjoy all of the following

PLUS: ANYTHING In Between That My Team and I Can + Will Do To Help You Get Your Business Up, Running & Profiting Like Crazy – This place is for the go-getters, the crazy ones, the ones who stop at nothing until they infest the world with their brilliance.

Are you ready to learn the following?

I Will Say This Right Here With Boldness, This Program Or Access To This Community could Have Easily Be Pegged At $1000 And Not At The Current Price We Are Giving It Away At.

School of Personal Branding

LIFETIME Membership!!

Join for one-time annual fee of


(includes over 50 hours of training)


You are registering for the School of Personal Branding members coaching program with Emily Wale-Koya. You will receive one masterclass per month, the entire School of Personal Branding product vault, access to the members-only Facebook™ group that Emily is active in every single day! And it’s all only $260  lifetime access (not per month and not per year).  Once you pay this amount, you will never ever ever be charged ever again for this program.


It’s Decision Time...

I’m rooting for you. I’m putting on my big girls’ pants and I’m getting ready to welcome you to the academy. I’m ready to stand by you as you build your successful brand and business.

I promise you that your time here with us at the School of Personal Branding will be more than great. Our school is not another online course… Rather our school is a support place where everyday people come to learn and get inspired to take action towards making their dreams a reality.

Let’s get you started right now…

…here’s to more Impact, Influence & Income,

Emily xx


The answer is Yes. As you read this, you already have knowledge and skills the world is in need of. Best thing you can do for yourself will be to get branded in a chosen niche and start becoming the go-to source.

The answer is YES… Personal Branding is getting bigger and bigger by the day. People are interested in YOU and people are buying from people more than they are buying from shops.

Yes Yes Yes, the School of Personal Branding will work perfectly for you because it was created specially for you.

Simply put, if you are still questioning paying $97 / N45,000 to access the level of success you will get from the School of Personal Branding, then you might have wasted your precious time reading this far…
The truth: you really don’t have to pay at all to even learn anything. You could stay with the life you currently have (but I bet it sucks right?)…
On the other hand, if you are tired of status-quo, and uncertainty, and want out of the rat race fast (you want your freedom, financial independence and fulfilment), then I’m sure by now, you know you should be signing up for this program!

“Try checking out other programs online or hiring a coach to help you with building an unstoppable brand and business and you’ll see how freaking affordable this program is”.

School of Personal Branding is an immersive online coaching program where you implement what you learn fast, so that you build your brand and MONETIZE your passion, purpose, potential and knowledge into a wildly successful business.

School of Personal Branding is a life-long training program that includes monthly masterclasses, live Q & A sessions which are added monthly and held in virtual classrooms accordingly. If you miss our weekly live calls, you also don’t have anything to worry about, as each live call replay is usually made available in the school for members.

Upon payment, you will automatically be added to the members club where you will be able to access all products in the school.

Well, it’s all we’ve talked about up there, but I’ll quickly do a recap for you…
1. If you sell information products like online courses, ebooks, e-manuals, this program is perfect for you.

2. If you offer coaching services or consulting services, this program is right right for you from the day you were born *(lol).

3. If you are an author, speaker, teacher, spiritual teacher, lawyer, website designer, graphic artist, photographer or fashion designer, event planner, real estate agent, skincare owners, salon owners, makeup artist, yoga teachers, health and wellness, accountants, parenting advisors, fashion designers, stylist, service based business owner, physical product based business owner and anyone looking at building and monetizing their expertise and passions, this program is ideal for you.

4. If you offer professional services or training services on fitness, law, nutrition, health, event planning, this program is per-per-perfecto!


This Is The Most Affordable And Yet Best + High Packed Online Education Program For Entrepreneurs Across The World Who Want To Package Their Knowledge And Skills Into Digital Products. I Know This Because I Have Used Everything Packed Into This Academy To Build A 7-Figure Business Around My Own Knowledge And Talents. This Is How Good This Program Is! 


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“You deserve nothing less than an abundant life and a business by design that rewards you like crazy”; let’s get you started right away!