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Perfect if you're a complete beginner to making money online  (incudes everything you need)

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  • My entire monetization vault for turning your knowledge into a lucrative course
  • My $10 per month strategy and case study walk through
  • My step by step guide to creating a digital product in one week
  • Earn $1k in 1 day challenge
  • E-book Marketing 101 ($97 value): Master the art of e-book creation and marketing for additional revenue streams.
  • How to Write a Profitable Ebook ($47 value): Learn the secrets to crafting ebooks that sell like hotcakes.
  • Sell Anything With Webinars ($127 value): Sell Anything with Webinars – your ticket to engaging and converting your audience, plus selling everyday on Instagram.

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  • Package yourself well and build your brand online.
  • Grow a large following you can monetize.
  • Create content that go viral and get you seen by people across the world.
  • Show you how to create and sell digital products in USD and GBP.
  • Create videos, build confidence and attract leads daily.
  • Put money in your bank account everyday.
  • Do what you love and turn what you love into a real business. 

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BUT, Can this work even if I don't have any followers?

Yes!!! Inside the course, I even show you how to go from newbie to expert and zero followers to 10,000 followers.


Emily, does this training/course really work?

Yes the training works as you can see from testimonials above. We have a ton of them.

After payment, what happens next?

You will get immediate access to the course, bonuses and workbooks. 

Do you show me how to grow on Instagram and build a following?

Here's how it works. I show you how to build your personal brand on Instagram so you get PAID. As a by-product of using Instagram to build your brand, you also will naturally attract followers. Make sense?

Want to see a sneakpeek of the course?

I turned my expertise into a business and went from mess to millionairess to show women like myself what's possible.

But this is my why. What's yours? Why do you want to build your brand and make money online?

If you got $100,000 deposited in your bank account, what would you do with it?

  • Would you buy your dream car?
  • Would you finally be able to support your family?
  • Would you go on that vacation?
  • Would you hire a team so you can grow your business?
  • Would you give your kids the best education and lifestyle?

Okay, what would you at least do with $10,000 (if you made at least $10,000 every month)?

  • Would you quit your job? 
  • Would you be able to pay up your rent - on time?
  • Would you go back to school?

There's too much you're missing by not building a well curated personal brand on Instagram that gets you paid everyday, come join us

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