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Monetize Your Knowledge


When You Register For This Free Training, You’ll Learn:

  • The 5KBAs (Knowledge Business Activators) for turning what you know into a digital product that you can sell online over and over for profits.
  • The Social Media Conversion Ladder you need to have in place to optimize your activities on social media and avoid burn-out of posting daily and still coming back to ZERO.
  • How To Go From Newbie To Authority and Profitable Brand in 12 weeks or less (depending on where you are currently in your business and the assets you have on ground).
  • Revealed: My 3 Step Conversion Ladder I use to attract my DREAM CLIENTS (even during uncertain times like the current pandemic we’re in) who listen to me and pay for my advice/wealth of wisdom.

PLUS: This is a vault of my tried and tested strategies, intelligence and tools that will help you or anyone for that matter launch their brand online, promote it to the people they are trying to reach and get them to pay for your advice and expertise.

In Light Of Today's Uncertain Times - There Has Never Been A Better Time In Humankind History To Be A Part Of The Knowledge Revolution!

Are you an Entrepreneur, Professional, Skincare Expert, Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Creator, Spiritual Leader, or someone looking to launch a business online by sharing your knowledge with others (the people who need it)?  

Or maybe you are a business owner looking to transition your business to the digital market using digital products to reach your dream clients?

Whatever the case, this is the second best time to join the Knowledge Movement of Entrepreneurs sharing their knowledge with others and profiting BIG from doing so. This is the time to build your personal brand as an authority in your industry, and then use that as a strategy to attract dream clients to your business.

Welcome To The Knowledge Movement: Let’s Get You All Strapped Up For This Purposeful and Profitable Ride!

Meet Your Host:

Hey there!

You Be The Judge: When you go through this online training and see how powerful the 5-BA’s can help you or anyone start, grow and scale up their Personal Branding / Knowledge / Expertpreneur business.

Emily, for the past 19 years has been helping mission-driven and heart-centred entrepreneurs succeed in business by getting the attention they deserve so they can get seen, heard and paid by the people they have created products and built their businesses for.

Known for her No B.S approach for building brands, Emily has seen one constant struggle amongst entrepreneurs / expertpreneurs who are growing businesses around their Personal Brands.

They are caught up in a roller coaster of all kinds of social media gimmicks littered all over the place by so-called social media gurus that do nothing but increase your activities, while reducing your productivity.

This is why she has decided for the first time ever to open up her Virtual Training Program on Brand Monetization.

Private Consulting with Emily starts & gets paid charging of $5k - $10K.

Register today to discover the KBAs (Knowledge Business Activators) Method for launching and growing a business around your knowledge.

The knowledge industry is shattering records, making millionaires, and creating unstoppable brands.


If you have something you are “dying” to share with others, this is the time to get it into the world, and grow your influence and income alongside… It’s such a powerful combo!!


If you can't pay attention for a decade of expertise condensed into a power packed video, then almost nothing else will really work for your business. Tough love right there!!


Emily XO    

{This Training Will Give You Access To One Of The Most Valuable And Unconventional Method To Building, Launching, Starting A Business Around Your Personal Brand. It Is Free And You Really Don’t Have To Pay A Dime For Access}!

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