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  1. Adenike owolabi

    Good day ma,
    It really a pleasure and honour to meet you ma, I envy you so much and your impact on the world has really be overwhelming, I wish to follow your foot step.
    Please pardon me to share my story of how I met you.
    As a fresh graduate, I finished my youth service middle last year, having pass through the UPS and down of life especially because I came from a very poor background my only hope as an undergraduate was to graduate with an excellent result so that I can give myself and my family the hope of a brighter future by eradicating poverty from our life.
    Things never Turned out as expected, I search for job for good 8 month moving from one company to another with my CV and professional certificate but no one offered to employ me, they said I don’t have the neccessary experience, I wrote so many online test but failed, I never pass any, I was almost begging and crying for jobs but no one listened to me. I couldn’t bear this any longer, I felt my life is useless I couldn’t see any hope of a bright future, my family need help but I couldn’t help them, they keep wallowing in poverty each day looking up to me but help wasnt coming. I opt to take my life several times, I was just tired of fighting, I could no longer bear the pain that llife was inflicting on me. I was just too tired to fight anymore having battled So many challenges in the past i gave up fighting but one fateful morning my mind keep troubling me to chat up a guy who is a motivational speaker, he usually post daily write UPS and I have been following him up, I decided to give it a final try to ask him to advice me on what to do with my life before I loose it completely because I was already loosing it and am already feeling hopeless.
    To cut the story Short, my life changed completely the day I met this guy, he started coaching and mentoring me and today am a Writer and speaker, I have written so many articles in less than 3 month.
    I have this vision of becoming a motivational Speaker to impact my world, to help people become the best version of themselves and to help ladies too because many of them are not getting it right they feel marriage is all to life they don’t fulfill their destiny afterwards so this is why I wanted to go into the world of speaking and writing to set things right.
    My mentor gave me your name to follow you up on Instagram and when I saw all your works I was marveled, they were all so intriguing, so much passionand greatness in just one person, I immediately fell in love with you because I never knew I woman like you exist, i have similar vision has yours and I was so glad that you have made such a remarkable impact on the world especially on women.
    I have a bad phone so it didn’t give me access to access your page on Instagram but anytime i log in to your page I maximize it to the fullest and everything you write and post inspires me to the bone.I tried to search for you on Facebook but I couldn’t but my mind did not allow me to rest not until i got you on facebook yesterday and as I was going through your page i saw a particular video you recently shared tagged finding your X factor, i listened to every words that you said and it was penetrating right inside my bone.i immediately felt the urge to reach you very fast to talk personally with you.
    I slept off with this thought in my heart and in just 30 min of sleeping I had a deep revelation.
    You were coaching me and some other people in a class, then i told you my story of how I met you online and then you told me that every content you place on your social medias are originally from you and you got them through your hardworking and by using your brain to think. Have been praying for some days now praying to God to show me my niche in the world of speaking and writing and I finally think God has answered my prayer.
    I want you to be my mentor ma, I will be so glad if my wish can be granted, I wish to follow your path and in the process find my own area of expertise. I want you to coach me but right now I can’t afford any of your class because am not financially bouyant.
    I dont have a source of income and am not working, i have diverted all my attention into building my life vision and i quit searching for job.i want to monetize my talent, i have been writing and posting articles for the past 2month but i want to step up my game, i want to receive invite and be paid to speak, i want to build up my brand and write ebooks, i want to get myself known to the world.
    This is my story ma, i will be so happy if my request can be granted. Thank you so much ma for reading this.
    May God bless you, amen

  2. I make eco-friendly herbal teas. It was this Unicorn that help me create a brand for my product , now I call myself Nigerian first eco-friendly handcrafted herbal tea

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