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Instagram Domination Masterclass


5 thoughts on “Instagram Domination”

    1. Linktree doesn’t require a website. It can be used all by itself to link different products or offers on Instagram.

  1. @Unilistic999
    YES! Linktree can work with a website by adding a link to the website.

    The steps to do this are:
    1 Log in to your Linktree admin page
    2 Select the green button that says ‘Add New Button / Link’ and a new link card will appear below.
    3 Paste your URL into the nominated field
    4 Give the field a name ie MyWebsite (The name you place here is what will appear on your Linktree button and when clicked will go to your website)
    5 Switching the button in the top right corner to green will make your website button live.
    instead I would always recommend placing your website name in your Instagram bio that directs your Instagram clicks to a dedicated webpage on your website. (Do this by adding a webpage and naming it ‘Instagram’ (or whatever name you fancy) then placing that webpage link in your Instagram bio)


    Should Linktree stop working (has happened in the past) at least you still have control on your Instagram clicks + makes you look like a serious business owner!!!!

    Afterall do you see any stores in Tinapa Shopping Resort on Instagram with or Linktree or api.whatsapp in their Instagram bio???????

  2. Thank you Emily for this very detailed, thought and ideas provoking seminar. Great work! I am going to go through it again as you advice.
    Moving forward, a lot of questions that propped up in my head which your response to my question would help me put in perspective. I am an educator but one that has surpassed the regular classroom thing. I was a school admin (heading Academics and administration together), over the years, I had outlined lots of training and had a desire to customize them for the education sector based on my experience but from what I garner, it can go beyond the sector.
    Question 1. Who do you advice should be my primary target/ complimentary audience?
    Question 2. Would you be chanced enough to look at an outline of a sample online training as designed by me?
    Question 3. You said you would share link/ contacts of people within the WE family that are trusted to help set up an online shop.
    Thank you, expecting your response.

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