For ENTREPRENEURS, PROFESSIONALS & BUSINESS OWNERS who want to ignite their BRANDS and Build a Global Empire with their Knowledge, Wisdom or Expertise. 

1st - 5th April 2024 | 8pm WAT


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What You'll Learn

Day 1 - Vision Quest

Get clear on your vision, mission, values and goals. Know exactly which passion to work on now that will give you the highest results and joy.

Day 2 - Stand Out

Get clear on how to stand out and be noticed in a noisy world. You will learn about my 3 brand boosters to help you go from 'Best-kept Secret to Online Superstar and Highly Paid Phenomenon'.

Day 3 - Your Tribe Awaits

Learn how to boldly share and use your story and build a tribe of raving fans who can't wait to buy from you and talk good about your brand.

Day 4 - Passion to Profits

You will learn the fastest path to turn your ideas into IRRESISTIBLE products that sell like hot cakes. I'll teach you how to sell your offers every single day without breaking your back on social media.

Day 5 - Tools for Triumph

I'll share my #1 and all time favourite marketing tool that's helping our company claim 6-figures per year - and how you can use it in your own business too.

Step Into a World of Abundance with the BOMB Challenge.

Prosperity Awaits

Your dream business isn't just a dream—it's your future. Designed correctly, it's a gateway to Total Financial Freedom. With the BOMB Challenge, you're not just starting a business; you're crafting a legacy of wealth.

Embrace True Freedom

Break free from the relentless grind. The BOMB Challenge is your ticket to a life where work complements play. Travel, Cherish Family Time, and Live the Life you've envisioned—on your terms.

Unleash Happiness

Imagine waking up each day fuelled by excitement, operating in your zone of genius. With our support, you'll unlock more than profits; you'll unlock unparalleled energy and joy.

 Join The B.O.M.B Challenge NOW and Learn How to Package Yourself Like Multi-million Dollar Luxury Brands.

Hi Gorgeous!

I'm Emily Wale-Koya .

Hi Gorgeous!

I'm Emily Wale-Koya .

I'm a living, breathing, talking and walking Genius at this social branding and monetization thing. Some say I'm Nigeria's Personal Branding Pioneer, something I actually love the sound of ????:)

Anyway, I love helping women go from unknown and underpaid to wealthy and well-known brand doing what they love (without it taking over their lives).

Ready to Build a Sophisticated Personal Brand?

DAY 1: Vision Alignment

DAY 2: Branding & Positioning

DAY 3: Your Tribe Awaits

DAY 4: Passion to Profits.

DAY 5: Tools for success 


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