About School of Personal Branding

The School of Personal Branding (SOPB) is an online learning platform aimed at supporting women and female entrepreneurs to build global brands and businesses around what they love, what they are great at and what the world is in need of.

Founded by Emily Wale-Koya, with the mission of challenging, training, and mentoring female entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa at large to be Seen, Heard, Paid, and to birth ideas that impact millions across the world, bringing about huge financial rewards for each woman.  

School Of Personal Branding also serves as a platform that allows female instructors to build online courses on topics of their choosing which they can upload as videos, Audios, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and live classes to create e-courses.

The school exist primarily as a training academy that helps entrepreneurs and business owners build, market and monetize their personal brands, which consist of their gifts, talents, skills, expertise, experiences and innate abilities.

The Academy has various e-products (ebooks, online courses, webinars, audios, and other educational material) to guide and coach its vast audience on how to turn their passion into profit. This can be in the form of converting their raw abilities and solutions into digital products sale-able in the tech space.

The school of Personal Branding is the future of online education for women.

Our Mission: To make online education accessible, affordable and wildly profitable for women.

Our Vision: Create the world’s most financially rewarding digital platform for female entrepreneurs in Africa who desire more lifestyle freedom and financial independence.

Welcome to THE SCHOOL OF PERSONAL BRANDING! - The Academy for Womenpreneurs...