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The Breakdown Of The Exact Sales System That Brought In Over 20 High Paying Clients In Just 11 Days.

Recently, I decided to do a massive overhaul of my sales system and replaced it with one powerful Sales Process.

The Client Acquisition System

The result? We increased conversion, got more sign-ups for my signature course and also closed 7-figure clients.

...And to prove to you how powerful this sales system is, I am going to tell you a little story.

Few months ago, I took this same system you about to discover and implemented it for a client and in just 11 days, we closed almost 6 million naira in sales.

Here is a proof of that result

We used it for another client and her coaching program did over 15 million naira in sales within 30 days.

My new program, The 24/7 Client Acquisition System reveals every step of the framework that makes up this super sales system

In this program, I will show you the exact framework that will help you close more clients & sign up fresh coaching students without using any aggressive and stale marketing strategies that no longer work.

Before I tell you more about this program, let me first warn that it is not for everybody

It is not for you if...

  • You are still okay with small results and big things scare you to the bone
  • You are comfortable with dancing on Instagram in order to make few sales
  • You love the stress of chatting long hours with prospects that end up not buying and wasting your time in the process.
  • You do not need an automated conversion system that will work round the clock for you while you have peace of mind.
  • You are broke right now and aren't ready to build an automated business. 


    Web designers, social media managers, writers, content creators, funnel designers, copywriters, Graphics designers, Brand strategists, Virtual assistants and other types of digital services who want to get more clients on automation with less effort.
    Fitness experts, Sales & Marketing coaches, Relationship Expert, Marriage Counsellors, Finance coach and other coaches Who want to sell more of their high ticket courses and coaching programs using automated systems without employing aggressive and stale strategies that no longer work.
    Accountants, Business Consultants, Tax consultants, Medical Consultants and other consultants who want to close more high ticket clients successfully without stress. This system would teach you how to prospect and close top clients online.

Get The 24/7 Client Acquisition System + All The 4 Extra Workshops

You'll receive The 24/7 Client Acquisition System in a straight to the point, easy to watch 1 hour workshop that you can watch with your mobile phone, tablet or PC, and all the included bonuses

Here’s a Look at What You’ll Discover When You Get The 24/7 Client Acquisition System

  • The exact strategy we use to turn cold prospects into high ticket customers within 5-7 days.
  • The Authority Booster- How to go from relatively unknown to an instant expert in the eyes of your prospects, making them feel like they've known you forever.
  • Case Studies of how we, our successful students and clients have used this system to close sales time and time again, so you can copy our strategies
  • The Hot Topic & Title Template to coming up with hot selling topic ideas that your prospects would be interested in & would also aid conversion.
  • The Sell Without Selling strategy to closing more sales with this system than you've ever done without being aggressive or coming off as salesy.
  • Self Liquidating Offers that will help you generate traffic that pays for itself without putting pressures on your personal finances.
  • Scaling with this strategy- With the high ticket sales system, you can sell your low ticket products while using it as a leverage to go higher. We will show you how.
  • The perfect offer mapping- how to come up with enticing offers for your product that people will immediately want to pay for without stress.
  • Turn the low ticket course or book into a high paying consulting, coaching or service business.
  • Offer repositioning- how to position your offers in a way that helps you sell more of your low and high ticket offers simultaneously.
  • Understanding sales funnels and how it can help you close more sales and get more clients into your business.
  • Understanding your customer journey- where they are right now and where they are going and how to position your product rightly in their faces for success.
  • The Fail Proof Method of using one small low ticket asset to get predictable and consistent number of clients into your business day in day out.
  • How to get launched and live in as little as 7 days with this system- We have made it so simple that anyone can get started as fast as possible.
  • The 5 Solid Reasons people will not buy your products and how you can address the issues with low ticket and turn them to happy high ticket buyers.
  • Understanding who your customers are, their journey and legally exploit a simple loophole in this to get them to become top clients and customers
  • How to present your offer in a non-salesy and less desperate manner that gets your prospects to see you as an honest marketer that wants their success.
  • The Major Reasons Your Prospects Still Have Doubts about you and how you can use a simple no pressure follow up strategy to convert them to high paying customers.
  • The 4 Things your prospects want to know about your business before they buy and how this sales system can reveal it to them.
  • And Much More

If you get this program right now, all the above and so much more is what you'll get inside and you can go through the program and be on your way to closing more sales within the next 1 hour 30 minutes


Considering the fact that it took me hours and sleepless nights to put this program together plus all the golden nuggets in it that will help you close more clients and sell more in your business.

It is only fair I get a small compensation for my effort

If I were to put a price to it based on the effort and golden information in this program, I would place the price at nothing less than 25,000 Naira.

At that fee, it will still be worth it... believe me

But because I really want you to see the golden nuggets inside this program, I won't ask you to pay that.

How much is then required?

15,000 Naira? Not even close

10,000 Naira? Nah

7,500 Naira? hmmmmmmm... still a big NO

All you are required to part with for this amazing program is just a small token of


Immediately your purchase is complete, the access link would be delivered straight to your inbox without delay, so you can start using this system to close more sales faster than any other method.

Why is it so affordable?

Because of the price, you might be thinking it is another fluff that is not worth your time but trust me, this is far from it.

The reason we have made it so affordable is because we believe in ABUNDANCE. There is more from where this came from.

If you take this and are able to use it to get awesome result in your business, you are more likely to pay for our bigger programs and services.

In the end, it's a WIN-WIN for both of us.

If you purchase this course today, you'll get 4 bonuses

To make sure you have all that's needed to understand and implement everything in The 247 Client Acquisition System Program on your own, I’m also including the 4-day workshop at NO COST with your order today.

These bonuses are created to compliment what you’ll learn inside The High-Ticket Sales System.

₦15,000 | ₦2,999 | $4.99

Get 247 Client Acquisition System Right Now
And Get The 4-Day Workshop As A Bonus

Workshop 1


Most times, it is always easy for you to say "I am making an offer" but is that offer really what your customers want?

This bonus video would help you to understand the types of offers you should be giving your customers, so that you can meet them at the point of their needs and also get them to take action faster.

Workshop 2


There are different parts that make the sales happen. When you understand these parts, it becomes quite easy for you to convert cold visitors into happy customers and evangelists for your business.

This bonus masterclass is going to show you the different parts that make conversion happen, so that you can begin to implement it into your business.

workshop 3


Writing your sales copy shouldn't be that hard when you understand the magnetic copy formula. I am not a great copywriter but with this simple formula, I am able to write copies that get people to buy.

In this video, I will break down the copy formula step by step and you'll see how to come up with good copies that would get people buying your products without racking your brain.

Workshop 4


Imagine you had a secret source where you can get customers when you want? How would that translate to sales for your business?

Getting customers is the life blood of every business and that is the reason we have created this video for you.

In this video, we will show you secret source to getting fresh customers in your business when you want it.

₦15,000 | ₦2,999 | $4.99

Let's Get To The End Of This Matter

The 247 Client Acquisition System changed the way I made sales in my business

While the old way of getting clients is aggressive and clients are seeing through the cracks already, this new method is about getting them to see you as the only one who can help solve their problems.

The closing rate of this system can be as big as 30%-50%

That means for every 10 persons who come in contact with your business 3-5 of them will become customers.

The reason is simple

It's because you are only getting the most qualified and ready-to-do business customers to reach out to you and not freebie seekers.

You see why this system works like gangbusters?

If you’re ready to take a dive in as I reveal the strategies, methods, and principles we’re using to accomplish all of this...

Click “Yes! I Want the Course” below, get your access to The 247 Client Acquisition System and let me show you our unique launch process, how we scale businesses, and many of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Get 247 Client Acquisition System + All The 4 Bonuses

  • 247 Client Acquisition System Masterclass
  • The Offer Blueprint
  • Conversion Engine
  • Magnetic Copy Formula
  • Buyers On Demand Workshop

Get Everything Above Today for
Just ₦2,999

You'll receive 247 Client Acquisition System in a straight to the point, easy to watch 1 hour workshop that you can watch with your mobile phone, tablet or PC, and all the included bonuses


Hi, I am Ike Okolie,

Here's why I am the best man to help you crush your sales goals and take your coaching business to greater heights.

  • Digital marketing consultant and team lead at CreatorzHQ 
  • 14 years experience in digital marketing
  • Former Marketing Executive (Commercial Banking Unit) of a top tier Nigerian bank.
  • Have trained over 20,000 students in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, United States and India.
  • Worked with top coaches and consultants in Nigeria and abroad.
  • My unique marketing ideas and strategies have been adopted by many sales funnel experts across Nigeria.
  • Recently mapped out a marketing strategy that did over $10,000 in sales for a coaching program and $25,000 for another coaching program.



This program shows those who are coaches, course creators and consultants how to close more top tier clients and recruit coaching students without using any of the usual aggressive and stale marketing strategies


This program is strictly for those who are coaches, consultants and digital services providers. If you are non of these, the program might not be tailored to your needs.


All the videos are hosted securely in our online school, immediately your payment goes through, you will be sent your login details right away. In fact, you are just about 3 minutes away from getting access


We understand that many Digital creators really want to increase their sales without having to go through all the technicalities and jargons that's so rampant online these days. We just wanted to show you a simplified way of getting results faster without eating too deep into your pocket.


This program would be made available to you for as long as creatorzHQ exists as a business.

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